2016 Looking Glass Season

The Tiger Who Came to Tea


Based on the book by Judith Kerr
Adapted for the stage by David Wood
Music by David Wood
Produced by special arrangement with Plays for Young Audiences


Just as Sophie and her mum are sitting down to tea, the doorbell rings. Ding dong, who’s there? Would you believe a very polite, big and stripy tiger? What is Sophie to do but invite him to tea? This charming MUSICAL is based on the book by Judith Kerr.

A SPECIAL TREAT: After each of the Saturday performances, you may join Sophie and the big, stripy tiger (no worries, he is terrifically polite) for a tea party. Scrumptious tea sandwiches, a delicious dessert and tea or lemonade will be served. Tea parties on July 2, 9 & 16. $10.00 per person for the tea party.


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Beauty and the Beast


Adapted by Dave Pierini


In this delightful twist of the popular fairy tale, not only is a prince transformed into a beast, but his servant is transformed into a puppy! The lesson learned from Belle (and her sister!) is familiar though—that love and kindness should always be celebrated over a self-centered spirit.


beautybeast11 beautybeast05 beautybeast01 beautybeast07 beautybeast02

A Surprise for Lydia


The premiere production by Sunny Disney Fitchett

What could be inside the gigantic refrigerator-sized box that has just arrived for Lydia? Instructions on the box say “Do not open until the cows come home!” As Lydia wrestles with why she has been banished to her room for a time-out—and the temptation to peek inside the box—she learns valuable lessons about curiosity, imagination, and kindness.


lydia 2lydia 5   lydia 11 lydia 7   lydia 4     lydia 3  lydia01