Yes, these things really happened!

1949 First 45 productions were performed in barn with dressing rooms below in horse stalls…silo used as the box office. Productions were halted-actually “frozen in time” when passing rainstorms on the tin roof made the actors inaudible.

1953 THE MILKY WAY…Actor Ed Kostelac is bitten by another cast member, a huge St. Bernard.

1954-1975…Ongoing and always unrehearsed on-stage appearances by families of skunks, bats and a stray cat or two.

1955 BOY MEETS GIRL…Adelyn Coughlin rejects the flirtations of Charles Grodin and instead accepts a date with Don Sommer (go figure)…they marry in 1957.. have since served in a combined 128 productions at the Lake as well as in the production of three children and ten grandchildren.

1960 August/September…Dave Disney updates audience members on game score at beginning of every intermission during heated Pirates pennant race.

1961 THE SEVEN YEAR ITCH…Four-year-old Sunny makes first stage appearance…during performance takes “dramatic pause” and is given line prompted by fellow cast member, Will Disney…she replies, “I know my line, Daddy!”

1963 DRACULA…Live bat makes surprise guest appearance from lighting grid…Ladies in audience hold programs over their heads for remainder of play.

1968 BAREFOOT IN THE PARK…Haberdasher from Washington, Bob Jones, appears in 100th role of his career at the Lake…has no speaking lines but receives standing ovations nightly for his hilarious appearance as harried delivery man.

1970 THE ODD COUPLE… Kosher pickle is accidentally flung from the stage into the lap of a woman in the audience.

1974 CHARLEY’S AUNT…Curtain time is delayed so that audience and cast members can stand together and watch Nixon’s resignation speech on a black and white T.V. in the snack bar.

1984 TOAD OF TOAD HALL…Sunny retaliates for embarrassing 1961 incident by directing her father as Mr. Badger to sleep under a pile of leaves throughout opening scene of play.

1985 REVENGE OF THE SPACE PANDAS…respected attorney Paul Laughlin appears wearing enormous orange pumpkin on his head and recites David Mamet’s line, “Whak ’em out!”

1993 PICNIC…electricity goes out during a crowded Saturday night performance…audience members hold flashlights and kneeling apprentices surround the stage holding candles since “the show must go on!”

1997 A ROSEN BY ANY OTHER NAME…Grapefruit Bell, the cat, receives “Most Well Behaved Animal” award from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette (St. Bernard from The MILKY WAY-bitter.)

2003… For the 8th time, Little Lake presents its “signature” work,
The Hasty Heart.

2008…On May 4th Little Lake celebrates 60th Season Opening with
the World’s Greatest Cast Party.

2011…Looking Glass Theatre celebrates its 40th birthday with a big party for families on Sunday, July 10th.