Audition Information for 2018

2018 Season Information for Actors

2018 MainStage Season

THE DRESSER by Ronald Harwood
APRIL 19-21, 26-29, & MAY 3-5
(rehearsals begin around March 15th)

All roles in The Dresser were cast from our December auditions. 

  • NORMAN- The Dresser (the role of Norman is already cast)
  • HER LADYSHIP– Female, age 50 – 70, Sir’s loyal wife
  • MADGE– Female, age 30-40, the stage manager
  • SIR– Male, age 60 – 80+, the last of the great breed of actors
  • IRENE– Female, age 20s, the young actress/ stage hand
  • GEOFFREY THORNTON– Male, age 55- 70, an older actor, plays the fool
  • MR OXENBY– Male, age 30-40, actor and aspiring author
  • KENT, GLOUCESTER, GENTLEMAN, KNIGHTS, ALBANY– Female or Male, various ages
A FLEA IN HER EAR adapted by Greg Leaming from the play by Georges Feydeau
MAY 10-12, 17-20, & 24-26
(rehearsals begin around April 9th)

All roles in A Flea in Her Ear were cast from our December auditions. 

  • EDWARD– Male, age 20s, Chandler’s innocent nephew, has a cleft palate which impacts his speech
  • ANTOINETTE– Female, age 30s-40s, the saucy maid and Stevens’ wife
  • STEVENS– Male, age 40s-60s, the butler
  • DR. FINACHE– Male, age 50s-60s, the slightly incompetent doctor and friend of Chandler.
  • MARIA– Female, age 35-55, the wife of the jealous Homenides, a southern belle who uses her feminine wiles.
  • LAURA– Female, age 40s-50s, Chandler’s suspicious wife
  • CHANDLER/ POTTS– Male, age 40s-50s, insurance salesman and jealous husband of Laura, also plays Potts (Chandler’s doppelganger). Potts is a drunken employee of Ferraillion
  • HOMENIDES– age 35-55, the violently jealous husband of Maria
  • FARRAILLION– Male, age 40s-50s, the owner of the Pussycat Motel, a Korean War Veteran
  • EUGENIA– Female, 20s, the maid at the Pussycat Motel, studious and well-educated
  • OLYMPIA– Female, age 50s-60s, Ferraillion’s wife, buxom and a bit overdone, desperately struggling to keep a hold of her fleeting youth.
  • BERNARD– Male, age 60s, an employee at the Pussycat Motel
  • KLAUS– Male, age 40s – 60s, a German guest of the Pussycat Motel
  • TOURNEL– Male, age 30s-60s, employee of Chandler, a Tom Jones wannabe of questionable sexuality
ARCADIA by Tom Stoppard
MAY 31-JUNE 2, JUNE 7-10 & 14-16
(rehearsals begin around April 27th)

All roles in Arcadia were cast from our December auditions. 

  • THOMASINA- Female, age 13-16 (but will be played by a younger looking adult actress), the brilliant young pupil of Septimus
  • SEPTIMUS– Male, age 20s, the hansom tutor of Thomasina
  • JELLABY– Male, age 40-70, a traditional English butler
  • EZRA CHATER– Male, 40s, a jealous, quick tempered guest of the Coverlys and an aspiring poet
  • RICHARD NOAKES– Male, age 35-60, a landscape architect with cutting edge plans for the Coverly gardens
  • LADY CROOM-Female, age 40-50, the mother of Thomasina, bossy and a busybody
  • CAPTAIN BRICE– Male, age 30s-40s, a sea captain who is in love with Lady Croom
  • HANNAH JARVIS– Female, age 30s-40s, an author/ researcher studying the hermit of Sidley Park.
  • CHLOE COVERLY– Female, age 18, Thomasina’s modern day equivalent, not as brillian, but certainly knowledgeable beyond her years about the world
  • BERNARD NIGHTINGALE– Male, age late 30s- 40s, a modern researcher who over looks truth to prove that Lord Byron killed Ezra Chater
  • VALENTINE COVERLY– Male, 20s-30s, a graduate student of mathematics and the brother of Chloe and Gus
  • GUS/ AUGUSTUS COVERLY– Male, age 15, the connector between the past and present

HAY FEVER by Noel Coward
JUNE 21-23, JUNE 28- JULY 1 & JULY 5-7
(rehearsals begin around May 28)

  • JUDITH BLISS– female, age 40s-60s, an aging actress with an unhealthy flair for the dramatic
  • DAVID BLISS– male, age 40s-60s, a famoous writer, Judith’s husband
  • SOREL BLISS– female, age 20s, a young socialite, daughter of Judith and David
  • SIMON BLISS– male, age 20s, a young, wealthy man about town, son of Judith and David
  • MYRA ARUNDEL – female, age 20s, smart, modern woman, love interest of Simon
  • RICHARD GREATHAM– male, age 30s-40s, dashing love interest of Sorel
  • JACKIE CORYTON– female, age 20s, mousy with an ingenuous manner that will lose its charm as she grows older, she is fascinated with David
  • SANDY TYRELL– male, age 20-30, an athletic,  good looking amateur boxer, love interest of Judith
  • CLARA– female, age 50-60, loyal but beleaguered maid of the Bliss family

A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE by Tennessee Williams
JULY 12-14, 19-22 & 26-28
(rehearsals begin around June 14)

  • WOMAN– female, age 30s-50s, African American neighbor of Stella and Eunice
  • EUNICE– female, age 40s-60s, landlord and upstairs neighbor of Stella and Stanley
  • STANLEY– male, age 30s, husband of Stella
  • STELLA- female, age late 20s-30s, wife of Stanley, sister of Blanche
  • BLANCHE– female, age 30s-40, delicate Southern belle
  • STEVE- male, age 40s-60s, husband of Eunice
  • MITCH– male, age 40s, poker friend of Stanley
  • PABLO– male, any age, poker friend of Stanley
  • YOUNG COLLECTOR, NURSE, DOCTOR, ETC.– female/male, various ages

STEEL MAGNOLIAS by Robert Harling
AUGUST 2-4, 9-12 & 16-18
(rehearsals begin around July 26)

  • TRUVY– female, age 40s, owner of the beauty shop
  • ANNELLE– female, age 19, new in town, beauty shop assistant
  • CLAIREE– female, age 66ish, Grande Dame, widow of the former mayor
  • SHELBY– female, age 25, prettiest girl in town
  • M’LYNN– female, age 50s, socially prominent career woman and Shelby’s mother
  • OUISER– female, age 66ish, a lovable, acerbic, wealthy curmudgeon

LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE: THE MUSICAL book by James Lapine and music/lyrics by William Finn
(rehearsals begin around August 12)

  • RICHARD HOOVER– male, age 35-50, a self-help entrepreneur still waiting for his big break
  • SHERYL HOOVER– female, age 35-50, the matriarch that would do anything for her family
  • OLIVE HOOVER- female, age 9, an aspiring beauty queen
  • GRANDPA– male, age 60-80, Richard’s slightly estranged father
  • DWAYNE HOOVER– male, 15-18, Richard and Sheryl’s son, who has taken a vow of silence until he gets into school to become a fighter pilot.
  • UNCLE FRANK– male, age 30s-50s, Sheryl’s academic brother who suffers from depression and has recently attempted suicide.
  • LARRY SUGARMAN/ BUDDY/ DOCTOR– male, age 35- 55
  • LINDA/ MISS CALIFORNIA– female, age 20s-30s
  • JOSHUA/ KIRBY/ FUNERAL HOME WORKER– male, age 20s-30s
  • MEAN GIRLS– female, age 8-10

MACBETH by William Shakespeare
SEPTEMBER 20-22, 27-29 & OCTOBER 4-6 – with two day time performances and three off site performances
(rehearsals begin around August 20)

  • MACBETH– male, 30s-40s, power driven Scottish warrior
  • LADY MACBETH- the role of Lady Macbeth is already cast
  • THE WITCHES/ MURDERERS– female, any age, the haunting spirits that influence Macbeth’s actions
  • BANQUO- female, 30s, Macbeth’s best friend and ally
  • FLEANCE/ MESSANGER– male, 8ish, Banquo’s son
  • DUNCAN/ HECATE/ SEWARD– male, 50s, the King
  • MACDUFF– male, 40s, Scottish warrior who ends up killing Macbeth
  • LADY MACDUFF/ SERVANT– female, 40s, wife of Macduff
  • MALCOM– male, early 20s, son of Duncan and future king
  • ROSS/ MENEITH– female, 30s, a warrior and relative of the Macduffs
  • LENNOX– male, 30s, a warrior
  • ANGUS/ LORD/ PORTER– male, 20s-40s
  • DONALBAIN/ CAITHNESS/ SOLDIER– female, early 20s
  • SERVANT/ GENTLEWOMAN/ SEYTON– female, any age
  • BOY/ SERVANT– male or female, 10ish
  • DOCTOR/ SERVANT/ OLD MAN– female, 40s-60s

SHERLOCK HOLMES AND THE WEST END HORROR by Anthony Dodge and Marcia Milgrom Dodge
OCTOBER 11-13, 18-20 & 25-27
(rehearsals begin around September 15)

  • PLAYER 1– male, 35-45, plays Sherlock Holmes and Rupert, the Rat Catcher
  • PLAYER 2– male, 40-50s, plays Dr Watson, must sing
  • PLAYER 3– male, 40s, plays George Bernard Shaw, Wilde’s Hanger-On, Mr. George Grossmith and Mr. Henry Irving, must sing
  • PLAYER 4– male, 30s-50s, plays Prologue Man, Inspector Lestrade, Eliza Doolittle, Wilde’s Hanger-On, W.S. Gilbert, Bram Stoker, Jonathan McCarthy
  • PLAYER 5– female/male, 30s-50s, plays Prologue Man, Mrs. Hudson, Policeman, Oscar Wilde, Knife- Seller, Herbert the Doorman, Dr. Benjamin Eccles, Sir Arthur Sullivan, Jonathan Harker
  • PLAYER 6– female/male, 30s-60s, plays Cabbie, Dr. Brownlowe, Wilde’s Hanger-On, Mr. Richard D’Oyly Carte, Male Theatregoer, Miss Ellen Terry, Count Dracula, Dying Eccles
  • PLAYER 7– female, 20s, plays Prologue Woman, Mr. Stanley Hopkins, Strand Magazine Sandwich-Board Man, Bosie, Female Theatregoer, Carpenter, Miss Jessie Rutland, Mr. Achmed Singh, Mina, must sing
  • PLAYER 8– female, any age, plays the pianist, policeman 2, street-seller, Mr. Francois Cellier

THE LION IN WINTER by James Goldman
NOVEMBER 1-3, 8-10, & 15-17
(rehearsals begin around October 8)

  • HENRY II– male, age 50s, King of England
  • ALAIS– female, age 23, a French Princess and Henry’s lover
  • JOHN– male, age 16, a sweet-faced, charming boy, the youngest son of Henry and Eleanor
  • GEOFFREY– male, age 25, attractive, full of energy, the brainiest in the family, Henry and Eleanor’s middle son
  • RICHARD– male, age 26, famous soldier, will become Richard the Lion Heart, oldest son of Henry and Eleanor
  • ELEANOR– female, age 61, a truly handsome woman of great temperament, authority and presence, Henry’s discarded queen
  • PHILIP– male, 20s-30s, King of France

A CHRISTMAS STORY: THE MUSICAL book by Joseph Robinette, Music and lyrics by Benj Pasek & Justin Paul

  • JEAN SHEPHERD/ NARRATOR– male, age late 40s-60s, charismatic omnipresent story teller.
  • RALPHIE– male, age 9-12, mischievous and rascally with a twinkle in his eye
  • MOTHER– female, age 30s-40s, the engine that keeps the family running
  • THE OLD MAN– male, age 40s-50s, gruff guy with a good heart
  • RANDY– male, age 7-8, Ralphie’s little brother
  • SCHWARTZ- male, age 9-12, Ralphie’s classmate
  • FLICK- male, age 9-12, Ralphie’s classmate
  • ESTHER JANE– female, age 9-12, classmate of Ralphie who has a crush on him
  • MARY BETH– female, age 9-12, classmate of Ralphie
  • SCUT FARKUS– male, age 11-15, the school bully
  • GROVER DILL– male, age 9-12, Scut’s sidekick
  • MISS SHIELDS– female, 30s-50s, Ralphie’s teacher
  • SANTA– 60s, works at Higbee’s Department Store
  • ENSEMBLE– male/female, all ages

2017 Looking Glass and Fall Family Seasons 

LITTLE MERMAID JR, book by Doug Wright, Music by Alan Menken, Lyrics by Howard Ashman and Glenn Slater
JUNE 13- JUNE 30

(rehearsals begin around May 14)


THE JUNGLE BOOK by Tracey Power
JULY 5 – 21
(rehearsals begin around June 10)

The Jungle Book will use an ensemble cast of 5-7 actors (male/female, all ages) to play all of the roles in the story

THE MUSICAL ADVENTURES OF FLAT STANLEY JR. book by Timothy Allen McDonald, Music and Lyrics by Timothy Allen McDonald, David Weinstein, Jonathan K. Waller, and Stephen Gabriel
(rehearsals begin around July 1)

  • ARTHUR– Stanley’s little brother
  • MR. LAMBCHOP– Stanley’s Dad
  • MRS. LAMBCHOP- Stanley’s Mom
  • MRS. CARTERO– the postwoman
  • DOCTOR DAN– hard of hearing, over worked doctor
  • NURSE BETTY– Dan’s assistant
  • SAMANTHA– Stanley’s friend who lives in LA
  • O.JAY D’ART– a curator at the Louvre
  • MONA LISA– a painting
  • NAPOLEON– a painting
  • SNEAK THIEF– an art theif
  • HERB and KIKI– entertainment reporters

THE SECRET GARDEN adapted by Jessica Swale
(rehearsals begin around August 28)

  • MARY LENNOX– female, age 10-13, a young orphan
  • MARTHA– female, age 12-16, a servant
  • DICKON– male, age 13-16, Martha’s brother
  • COLIN CRAVEN– male, age 10-13, Mary’s sickly cousin
  • MRS MEDLOCK– female, age 40s-60s, a strict housekeeper
  • ARCHIBALD CRAVEN– male, age 40s, Colin’s father
  • BEN- male, age 40s-60s, the wise gardener
  • MRS PHIPPS– female, any age, servant at Misselthwaite
  • MR PITCHER– male, any age, servant at Misselthwaite
  • DR CRAVEN– male, 30s-50s, Archibald’s cousin
  • MRS LENNOX– female, 30s-40s, Mary’s mother
  • MR LENNOX– male, 30s-40s, Mary’s father
  • AYAH– female, any age, Mary’s Indian nanny
  • INSPECTORS 1 and 2– Earthquake experts
  • DR MADELEINE BRES– a pioneering doctor