Get Involved

Consider becoming a volunteer at Little Lake Theatre Company! Certainly, with your skills and your interests we could find the perfect project for you. And let’s face it-you’d have a ball! We have a million ideas…and a core of really wonderful people waiting to work with you. To get involved, please contact our volunteer coordinator, Carol Brandyberry at volunteer@littlelake.org and she will, happily, put you in touch with the right person!

What are we looking for?

Clean Up Day

cleaning_day 2013Sunday, April 13
9:00 a.m. till approximately 3:00 p.m.

Spring has sprung! And that means it time to roll up our sleeves and get down to spring cleaning. And you are invited! Bring a bucket or a rake and, if you like, some fashionable rubber gloves!

Stop by for an hour or two or three. We appreciate all elbow grease! We’ll take a break for a potluck lunch around 1:00 p.m. We’ll accept any yummies you would care to bring along.

Rehearsal & Production

  • Stage Managers (to assist directors in rehearsal and supervise a small behind-the-scenes crew during the run.)
  • Costumers (Do you sew? We are always eager for help with design and sewing.)
  • Set Construction (We don’t have huge projects since we are a theater-in-the-round and can’t use large pieces of scenery…but we sure have lots of small projects and our Technical Director would be delighted to have a carpenter/handyperson’s help.)
  • Gardeners (We have lots of ideas and a lot of land.)
  • Artists (Every so often we do a play that requires an artist’s special skills.)

Marketing Projects

We have an extraordinary number of plays on our schedule—sixteen. For every play, we look for new, imaginative ways to reach potential audiences. Will this play appeal to Red Hats? Church groups? Stamp collectors? Young audiences? How should we get the word out to specific groups? If you have an interest in assisting in marketing efforts—brainstorming and organizing and reaching out to the community, we would love to hear from you!


We have a terrific group of teens in our Apprentice Program. Every year, we produce an Apprentice Showcase and would be happy to have volunteers help with that event.

Looking Glass Theatre Book Club Days

All three of the plays in our Looking Glass Theatre summer series of plays for young audiences are based upon popular books for children. On three Tuesday afternoons (6/19; 7/10 and 7/31 ) we will hold a Book Club event as an introduction to the upcoming performance. Our Looking Glass actors and volunteers will lead reading, art and drama activities designed around the play. Would you like to help?

Tea Parties

After our three Saturday performances of I Can SO Be a Princess! (6/23; 6/30;7/7) we will be hosting post-performance tea parties. We would love to have help with decorating, food preparation, clean-up

Fall Fundraiser

This is always a grand, fun event for us! A party—but, indeed, an essential fundraising effort. We would be delighted for volunteers to help with planning, acquiring auction items, decorating, and lots of activities during the big event.