AD Blog: A Day in the Life of Your Artistic Director

Do you ever wonder what exactly it is that I do here at Little Lake? Yesterday I kept a running diary so you could get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of what keeps me busy here at the Lake on non-show days.

6:45AM      “Wake up!” my toddler all too cheerfully shouts from her room. I haven’t set my alarm clock in two years. The day begins.

9:30AM      Having dropped off Clara at daycare, I pull into Little Lake Theatre. It is a Monday and theoretically we’re closed, so I am the only one in the office. PRO: I can play the Pitch Perfect Pandora station all day to my heart’s content. CON: I have to make the coffee, which I do terribly.

9:45AM      I sip my terrible coffee, turn on Pandora, and check my email. In my inbox: actors wanting to pick up scripts, a teacher trying to arrange a field trip to Letters to Sala, a request from a local high school to rent some of our furniture for an upcoming play, an Apprentice needing to rearrange her crew assignment, and a playwright wanting me to consider his play for next season.

10:00AM    Up to the attic (i.e., costume storage) I go to look for costumes for my show and to see if we have a nun’s habit we can lend to our friends at Throughline Theatre. It looks nice up here after our Slippery Rock University intern Crystal spent the summer organizing everything.

10:45AM    Bob Rak, the Managing Director, is on vacation this week. I want him to relax, so I’ve told him I won’t bother him…but I’ve been at work just over an hour and already I need to email him. Oops.

11:00AM    We’re bringing back the Apprentice Showcase this year! That means I am spending some time this morning choosing scenes for them.

12:30PM    Lunch time! Oh wait, I forgot my lunch at home. Time for more terrible coffee and some Goldfish crackers. Perk of being the mom of a two-year-old. I ALWAYS have Goldfish around. I take my spread out to the gazebo with a play I’m considering for the 2016 season. I love the gazebo.

2:00PM      Time to dig into “The 2014 Patron Loyalty Study.” It is the background reading for the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council’s workshop The ABCs of Audience Building that I am attending tomorrow.

3:05PM      Director Jena Oberg stops by so she can do some research before her Letters to Sala rehearsal later tonight. We brainstorm some marketing possibilities for the show.

3:30PM      One of the young actors from The Best Christmas Pageant ever stops by to pick up his script. We end up doing an impromptu audition coaching session for Pittsburgh Musical Theater’s Oliver! I’ll tell you what I told him: Being prepared, professional, and confident will get you a lot farther than you think.

4:00PM      Down at the barn doing some prep for Prelude to a Kiss rehearsal tonight.

4:45PM      Time to pick up Clara from daycare. I often work very long hours and don’t come home until well after she is in bed for the night, so I try to be the one to pick her up and spend some time with her until I need to be back here for rehearsal.

6:30PM      Back at Little Lake for Prelude to a Kiss rehearsal. This is my favorite part of my job, digging into a script with the actors and making it come alive.

10:00PM    Rehearsal is over, so I pop back up to the theatre to check in with the Letters to Sala stage manager before she heads home.

10:15PM    Time to go home! Not bad for a day we were closed.


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