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Hello, Friends!

Tonight, we open A Little Hotel on the Side here at Little Lake Theatre. It is our 6th Main Stage production and 9th show overall to open this season already. And, notably, it is the first show that yours truly appears onstage to do anything other than to remind you to turn off your cell phones. That’s right, A Little Hotel on the Side marks my Little Lake stage debut!

Going into my first season as Artistic Director, it was certainly not my intention to appear onstage. I figured that taking over the reins from Sunny and directing five shows of my own (all while taking care of my little girl!) would be more than plenty on my plate. In fact, when TJ Firneno, director of A Little Hotel on the Side, first approached me about me being in a play, I believe my first response was laughter, followed quickly by a firm “No.” TJ then described the play to me –a high-energy, madcap farce packed with slamming doors and mistaken identities- and my resolve weakened; then he told me what my costume would be, and I was completely sold (you’ll have to come see it for yourself if you want to know what it is!).

The story of the play is this: Monsieur Pinglet sets out for a romantic liaison with his neighbor’s wife but instead encounters half of Paris in the seedy hotel, including many of his own relatives and the Inspector of Public Morality!

While my part is small, it has been such a joy to be a part of this production. Playwright Georges Feydeau is a master of the genre and the script is brought to hilarious reality by the cast. A farce demands absolute precision from a director and TJ was up to the challenge.

I know that Little Lake audiences love to laugh and they will find plenty of opportunity to do so in  A Little Hotel on the Side. You definitely do not want to miss this one.

I’m looking forward to seeing you at the show!


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