Letters to Sala 10/15/16- Lily Lauver playing Caroline

Dear Sala,
Yesterday was such a whirlwind! I don’t think I realized the scale of what we are doing until we had an audience of kids to perform for. I hope that the kids there were able to glean even one third as much from the show as I have.
Waking up at 5:30 was a little difficult for me, but as soon as I joined the carpool of castmates, I woke up immediately! Our cast gets along really well, I have so much fun with them.
The first show went very smoothly because our set was already set up at Sewickley Academy, and most of the props were set as well. The technical aspects of the show were perfect! During the talk back was when the impact of the show hit me the most. Other than younger kids asking us what our names are and things like that, lots of the questions were history based, asking about Sala’s life after the war, asking about her family, and asking about other characters that they had followed through the show. I think that the importance of using theater to tell this story is that we can show the kids that these people were people. To say that six million Jews died during the Holocaust is such a blinding statistic. Especially at a young age, it is impossible to put that number into perspective, but by knowing the individual stories of survivors, and knowing survivors’ stories of the people that perished, we can better imagine the horrible effect of the Holocaust.
After packing up the van from the first show, we were treated to lunch at Panera by the Classrooms Without Borders representatives. Talking to them at lunch, I realized how much of an impact the organization has.
Our second show was at North Allegheny Intermediate School. I was most nervous for the second show because it was my first time acting with a microphone, and I think it was the first time with microphones for a couple other cast members, too. There was no need to worry, because the microphones were great. I am constantly impressed with our traveling techie; Jenny! She is on top of things. Jena, our wonderful director, works the lights, and Jenny works the sound.
We packed up the second show, had a little briefing about our next week of shows, and I hopped in my carpool with our incredible stage manager, Jill, her daughter Lindy, and my stage sister, Julia. We laughed all along the way back to Julia’s house, and she took me the rest of the way home. Today was a great day! I am proud of the work we are doing with the legacy that you have left us, Sala! Thank you.
Love, Lily


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