Letters to Sala- 10/21/16 Lindy Spear

Dear Sala,
   I am so proud to be in this show.  Your story inspires me every day. Last Friday our shows were amazing!  The audiences were so engaged . One boy around my age (12) said, “That play was truly beautiful.”  At the talk backs, the audience has asked us about us, but mostly about your story. You should see their faces when we talk about your life!  It’s so inspiring to see what they look like before the show, and then after. I think this show is really interesting for them to see that kids their age or younger left their families and went to labor camps.
     I think if you were here, you would have so much fun traveling with us!  Last Friday, it was awful rain and storms all day! We were soaking wet when we got out of the car to go into the first theatre. After a successful show, we all had hoped it would have stopped raining….but it didn’t!!!! We ran into Giant Eagle to get some lunch because our next show was two hours away. We ate donuts and bagels in the car, and I had so much fun getting to know my castmates better!
    I’m looking forward to seeing what adventures we encounter this Friday! Thanks for letting us share your story!
Lindy Spear
Seventh grader
P.S.- I play your niece Salusia in the play

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