Letters to Sala 10/28/16- Alexis Feldman

Dear Sala,

Words cannot expressed how grateful I am to play a part in sharing your story. A story such as yours needs to be shown to the world, and I know going to schools to tell the story to students like me is making a lasting impact. On Friday we went to Winchester Thurston and Taylor Allderdice, and the two audiences could not be more different! At Winchester Thurston, everybody was as very quiet, yet it was clear that the audience was hanging onto every word spoken in the play. At Taylor Allerdice, the crowd was more audible, but the mood changed as the story progressed. That is how I knew that the students were deeply engaged in your story. Taylor Allderdice was our second show, and that is the school that my dad went to! Walking inside of the school my dad once studied in, let alone performing on the stage, was an unforgettable experience. As my family motto, my dad always says, “Know something. Do something. Be something.” At out show, I discovered that these very words were engraved on the school’s stage. I feel this quote perfectly captures my experience in this production. I know your story, I took part in the play, and I became the roles of your friends, Sara and Rachel. After the show, a girl approached some of the cast members and thanked us for sharing this story. In that moment, I truly knew I was making a difference for the better. I had no idea that I had friends in both audiences, but when I saw them later in the week, they came up to me with loads of excitement. My friends were so proud to now know your story, Sala. Every time I perform your story, I receive a deeper knowledge of not only our world’s past, buts its future. Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything Sala
Mazel Tov,
Alexis Feldman :)

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