Looking Glass Theatre 2010



The most magical of all fairy tales! What children won’t delight in the silliness and pettiness of a pair of bumbling stepsisters; a dreamboat of a Prince named Charming; and the triumph of a kind young woman named Cinderella?!



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This MUSICAL will quack you up! Farmer Brown leaves his brother, Bob, in charge of the farm when he goes on vacation. He tells Bob, “Keep an eye on Duck. He’s trouble.” What could this mean? And why is Duck requesting pizza for the hens, bubble baths for the pigs and movies for the cows? The animals from last year’s CLICK, CLACK, MOO: Cows That Type are back!

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Ferdo and Floof like to chase squirrels, fetch newspapers and go for walks with their owner, Roger. Unfortunately, they also like to chew Miss Bunbury’s Italian leather shoe. Miss Bunbury is Roger’s neighbor and she often calls Ferdo and Floof, “Two dumb dogs!” One day, Ferdo and Floof set out on an adventure to learn how very bright two dumb dogs can really be.

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