Looking Glass Theatre 2013



Imagine a pop-up book bursting to life! The silliness and inventiveness of this musical will delight audiences of all ages. Red dogs! Blue dogs! Dogs driving cars! Dogs wearing party hats! Dogs climbing trees! A happy production through and through. Hot dog!


godog_02 godog_07



Who will find the 5 golden tickets hidden in Willy Wonka’s delicious candy bars? Who will visit his fabulous chocolate factory? Veruca Salt, Agustus Gloop, Mike TV, Violet Beauregarde and a very special boy named Charlie Bucket are crossing their fingers that it might be them!


charlie_02 charlie_17




Ben is having a grouchy morning. He doesn’t want to go to school but Mum insists! (Mum’s grouchy, too.) But guess what happens? Mum accidentally hands Ben’s lunch box to Luke (the Monter from under the bed.) grabs the Monster’s hand and off they go! A day in school for a Monster = a day of play for Ben = Lots of laughs for you!


monster_13 monster_02