Looking Glass Theatre 2014




One of our favorite stories ever! Who can resist this classic tale of a little girl named Fern, her pig named Wilbur, and his most treasured friend, Charlotte, the spider? They stick together through thick and thin, and by the story’s end even Templeton, the rat, must admit that Wilbur is, indeed, “SOME PIG.”

charlotte04 charlotte09



Leave it to the Cat in the Hat to turn a rainy afternoon upside down and inside out with madcap mischief and zany adventures. The Dr. Suess classic springs to life with Sally and her brother, Thing One and Thing Two, and a fish who cannot believe what he sees!


cat17 cat16


What?! A rhinoceros ate the parents of James Henry Trotter! And then James was sent to live with his awful aunts? But all is not lost! A giant peach appears magically in his backyard—and inside? The best pals a kid could ever have: A Ladybug, Centipede, Spider and Old-Green-Grasshopper ready for the adventure of a lifetime!