Enchanted April

by Matthew Barber
May 26-28, June 2-5 & 9-11


A small advertisement placed discreetly in the Times: “To those who appreciate wisteria and sunshine…Small castle on the Mediterranean, Northern Italy…To be let for the month of April.” At the end of an especially bleak winter, two proper British ladies are suddenly swept into the adventure of their lifetime–one that includes romance, laughter and a glowing refreshment of spirit.

Directed by Jena Oberg

The Cast
Lotty Wilton……… Samantha A. Camp
Rose Arnott………. Mary Meyer
Mellersh Wilton………. John M. Herrmann
Frederick Arnott……… Luke Bruehlman
Caroline Bramble………. Samantha DeConciliis
Mrs.Graves………. Marianne Shaffer
Antony Wilding………. Craig Ketchum
Costanza………. Johnna A. Pro

The reviews are in! Enchanted April is a hit. Come see the play the Pittsburgh City paper calls “a bewitching dose of escapist joy” and “a charming production too sweet to resist.”

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5/23/16- Dressing Enchanted April
Enchanted April takes place in the winter and spring of 1922. The world is still recovering from the Great War and the Age of the Moderns has just begun. We begin in bleak and gloomy London, in the winter of 1922. Four women are trapped by both the London rain and the events of their own lives. Then, a small advertisement sends these women on the adventure of their lifetimes, to the Italian seaside in April.
The costuming for this play needs to reflect both the time period of the play as well as the character transformation the occurs as the four blossom under the Italian sun.
We are busily preparing for our photo shoot and first dress rehearsal tonight. Here is a behind the scenes glimpse of several of the costumes from our production of Enchanted April.