Mainstage 2009


by Joan Ackermann

We always like to launch our season with a play that is sure to surprise and even charm our audiences. This heart-melting literary romance will do just that. Set in 1919 on a great estate in the Berkshires, the story revolves around the estate’s quirky gardener/poet and a magazine editor’s steadfast pursuit to publish her poetry. Along the way, the widowed proprietress of the mansion falls in love with the magazine editor who has, in turn, fallen in love with the reclusive poet. An unintentional love triangle—a delightful introduction to our 61st season.

iceglen_w5 iceglen_w3


by Donald Margulies

Prior to his plays Dinner With Friends, Brooklyn Boy, Collected Stories and Sight Unseen, Donald Margulies wrote this deeply-felt dramatic comedy about a husband and wife who, at a time when their marriage is rocky, are approaching the celebration of their young son’s Bar Mitzvah. The title of the play, The Loman Family Picnic, comes from the fact that the son is reading Death of a Salesman in school, and believes if only the Lomans had hosted a big, family barbeque and picnic, everything would have worked out for all of them.

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by Neil Simon

America’s favorite playwright, Neil Simon, began his comedy writing career in television, working for The Phil Silvers Show and Sid Caesar’s Your Show of Shows. This comedy, with “unbridled hilarity, fast and furious,” recreates the mayhem, neuroses, one-upmanship and heart of a team of brilliant and funny comedy sketch writers on The Max Prince Show. Set in 1953 under the rising pressures of the McCarthy era, the network executives battle with Max, a comic genius, to cut back his show so they can chase after the Leave It To Beaver and Father Knows Best audiences. This play contains adult language.

laugh23_w1 laugh23_w3


by Joan Ackermann

“The summer my father was depressed, the face of our Lord Jesus Christ appeared on a tortilla at the Morning Glory café.” And so opens this bountiful, compelling comedy/drama in which Bo Groden looks back at her family’s life during the summer of her 11th year. Fondly reminiscent of the recent movie Little Miss Sunshine—at the heart of this play is a family who loves and supports one another in spite of (and because of) all their endearing eccentricities. And, by the way, how do a hapless IRS agent and a 15 foot West Wight Potter sailboat figure into this story?

offthemap_w2 offthemap_w12


by Mary Chase 

Elwood P. Dowd—it is hard to mention his name without smiling. If you have never had the pleasure of meeting this gentleman and his imaginary (?) companion, a six foot rabbit named Harvey, you are indeed in for a treat. It has been 11 years since this beloved American classic comedy has been on our season schedule—it’s not a minute too soon to bring the rabbit back for his 9th visit to our stage.

harvey_w2 harvey_w5


by Christopher Durang

Bruce and Prudence meet on a blind date. The blind date does not go well. Bruce and Prudence end up throwing water in each others’ faces. Bruce and Prudence talk with their therapists about the date. Their therapists are nuts. Will Bruce and Prudence see each other again, and maybe start to like each other? Crazier things have happened. One critic wrote, “Christopher Durang is a serious young writer who can’t help thinking comically. Beyond Therapy is zany in a particularly intelligent way…wickedly funny, terribly slanted and essentially true.” Contains satire for grown-ups and a few dirty words.

beyondtherapy_w1 beyondtherapy_w4


by Joe DiPietro

Funny. Charming. Funny. Familiar. Funny. Nick eats every Sunday dinner with both sets of his Italian grandparents. When he proudly announces that he has received a job promotion and will be moving across the country from them, Frank, Aida, Nunzio and Emma devise a match-making scheme with Miss Caitlin O’Hare to keep him right where he is.

overriver_w1 overriver_w3


by Frederick Knott

Still a first-rate chiller with one of the most suspenseful final scenes ever written for the stage. A particularly sinister con man, Harry Roat, Jr. (originally played on the Broadway stage by Robert Duvall) and two ex-convicts cleverly trap a young blind woman in her Greenwich Village apartment and manipulate her into believing that her new photographer-husband has been involved in a heinous drug-related murder.

dark_w5 dark_w8


by Sarah Wooley

We are proud to announce that Little Lake Theatre Company will host the United States premiere of this powerful, engaging drama by British playwright, Sarah Wooley. It is the story of a British couple whose son, as a toddler, was abducted while the family was on vacation in Disney World. The play opens with a 27-year-old American, on the doorstep of the couple’s home in a sleepy English village, claiming to be their son. Is he or isn’t he? And what buried secrets will be revealed to prove his true identity? Adult language advisory.

oaktrees_w1 oaktrees_w6


by Norm Foster

Yes, the golf play returns! Twice before we have presented this comedy about four chums who get together for a round of golf at their college reunion, and both times we have played to packed houses. Friends want to bring friends to this one because it resonates with everyone who has ever played the game. One critic wrote, “The laughter was immediate, uncontrollable, constant and helpless.”

4some_w5 4some_w2


by Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope, Jamie Wooten

The Christmas Eve program at the Tabernacle of the Lamb is hilariously spiraling into chaos, and it doesn’t help that the Futrelle sisters aren’t exactly in a festive mood. Frankie is weeks overdue with her second pair of twins. Twink has been jilted. Santa has a kidney stone. The sheep are vengeful. There’s an Elvis impersonator in the manger. And Joseph just fell victim to food poisoning from the Band Boosters’ Pancake Supper. This holiday journey through Fayro, Texas is guaranteed to bring howls of laughter and joy to your world!

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