ROLES AVAILABLE IN 2020- December Auditions

 (The first three productions are auditioning in December 2020. Look for more information in January about auditions for the remaining productions of the 2020 season.)

AMADEUS by Peter Shaffer (Auditioning in December 2019)

April 30th – May 16th

Salieri- Male, 50s, court composer and rival of Mozart

Mozart- Male, 20s-30s, genius musician but crass and foul-mouthed

Venticello 1- Male, 20s-40s, purveyor of fact, rumor and gossip

Venticello2 – Either, 20s-40s, purveyor of fact, rumor and gossip

Costanze- Female, 20s-30s, Mozart’s wife

Emperor Joseph II- Male, 40s-50s, Emperor of Austria

Von Strack- Either (Character is Male), 40s-50s, Groom of the Imperial Chamber

Count Orsini-Rosenberg- Male, 60s, Director of the Imperial Opera

Baron van Swieten- Either (character is Male), 50s, Prefect of the Imperial Library

Theresa/Citizen- Female, 40s-50s, wife of Salieri and citizen of Vienna

Katherina/ Citizen- Female, 20s, protégé of Salieri and citizen of Vienna

Kapellmeister Bonno- Male, 60s-70s, director of the Imperial orchestra

Major Domo/ Citizen/ Servant- Either (character is Male), any age, chief steward of the palace and citizen of Vienna

Priest/Citizen/ Servant- Male, any age, priest and citizen of Vienna

Cook/ Citizen/ Servant- Either (character is Male), 40s-50s, Salieri’s cook and citizen of Vienna

Valet/ Citizen/ Servant- Either (character is Male), 40s-50s, Salieri’s Valet and citizen of Vienna

KEN LUDWIG’S MOON OVER BUFFALO (Auditioning in December 2019)

May 21st – June 6th

George Hay- Male, 50s, a once great actor

Charlotte Hay- Female, 50s, once famous Broadway actress and wife of George

Ethel- Female, 70s, Charlotte’s mother who is hard of hearing and serves as the stage manager for the family’s productions

Rosalind- Female, 20s- 30s, George and Charlotte’s  daughter, she has left show business for a “normal life”

Howard- Male, 20s-30s, Rosalind’s fiancé, not in show business

Eileen- Female, 20s-30s, An actress in the company and George’s recent fling

Paul- Male, 30s- an good looking actor in the company and Rosalind’s ex

Richard- Male, 50s- the company’s lawyer and Charlotte’s new paramour


BORN YESTERDAY by Garson Kanin (Auditioning in December 2019)

June 11th – 27th

Billie Dawn- Female, late 20s-early 40s, ex-chorus girl, girlfriend of Harry Brock

Harry Brock- Male, 40s, powerful, egotistical, and crooked junkman

Paul Verrall- Male, mid 30’s, young and idealistic magazine reporter turned tutor

Ed Devery- Male, 50s-60s, once a great secretary to a Supreme Court Justice, now a drunk, crooked lawyer who represents Harry Brock

Senator Norval Hedges- Male, 60s, a senator in business with Harry Brock

Mrs. Hedges- Female, 50s-60s, Hedge’s wife

Eddie Brock- Male, 40s-60s, Harry’s cousin and right-hand man

The Assistant Manager- Male/ Female, 40s-60s, the assistant hotel manager

Helen- Female, 30s-60s, the hotel maid

Belhop/ Barber/ Manacurist/ Bootblack/ Waiter- Male/Female, ages 16-50, various smaller supporting roles

Shows of the 2020 Season

Amadeus | April 30 - May 16

Ken Ludwig's Moon Over Buffalo | May 21- June 6

Born Yesterday | June 11- 27

Sight Unseen | July 9 - 25

Rumors | July 30 - August 15

Little Foxes | August 20 - September 5

Roald Dahl's Matilda, the Musical | September 17 - October 3

Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None | October 8 - 24

Parfumerie | November 5 - 21

Mrs. Bob Cratchit's Wild Christmas Binge | November 27 - December 12

2020 Plays for Children

Disney's Frozen Jr. | June 17 - July 11
Art Dog | July 15- August

Elephant and Piggie's "We Are In A Play!" | August 5 -  22

Madeline's Christmas, the Musical | November 21 - December 13

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