A Masterpiece of Comic... Timing

By Robert Caisley


What happens when you’ve paid for the next hit comedy, but what’s coming out of the typewriter is tragedy? Jerry Cobb, a New York producer has invested his life savings in a brand new play by whiz-kid Nebraska Jones, whose first play was a “masterpiece of comic timing.” When Jones shows up in Arizona to get to work, on an all-expenses paid trip, Cobb finds his young superstar suffering from a severe case of the blues; he won’t eat, can’t write and spends all day drinking Cobb’s rather expensive bourbon. How will the next great play possibly be written in time? As the pair endeavor to pen the masterpiece, with the help of a nervous assistant and a Hollywood starlet, “the line between comedy and drama comes under hilarious scrutiny and is found to be much narrower – and sillier – than you’d think.”

Directed by James Critchfield

The Cast: Sara Barbisch, Greg Caridi, Art DeConciliis, and Jeff Johnston

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