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Cycling For Shakespeare III
June 17 - 22, 2019

Cycling for Shakespeare III is Little Lake's annual fundraising campaign that rests solely on the back, or butt, of Andrew Seay, the company's Managing Director. This year, Andrew will be riding 435 miles in six days across Pennsylvania and New Jersey to support everything that Little Lake does both at the theater and in the community. 

Join Cycling for Shakespeare III, by making a contribution to Little Lake Theatre for each mile that Andrew rides. Andrew is paying his own way for the trip (lodging, food, etc.) so 100% of your contribution supports Little Lake Theatre.

Photo by Jim Orr

Andrew Seay, Managing Director
AKA Cycling Nut

Our goal for Cycling for Shakespeare II is $11,500.

When we hit that goal, we’ll unlock an additional $2,500 in matching funds from a group of anonymous donors for a grand total of $14,000, making your gift go even further!

We’re featuring some fun campaign benefits this year, including Little Lake t-shirts, signing your name on my helmet, and voting on what “costume” I get to wear to celebrate hitting our goal during selected Electra performances (June 27 – July 13).


Plus, if we exceed the $14,000 goal, I'll add an extra day of
riding to make the trip an even 500 miles-this time it's truly "the more you give, the more I ride."

Andrew in the Shakespeare costume from the past 2 years...which costume will he wear in 2019? Give $30 or more to
vote and find out!

How to Give

Phone: 724.745.6300, Tuesday-Saturday 12-5PM

Mail: Send your contribution to:
500 Lakeside Dr, Canonsburg, PA 15317

In Person: Hand your gift to Andrew at a performance or at our Box Office (Tues-Sat, 12-5PM) 

Online: Click the button below!

Campaign Benefits & Levels

  • $30.00 (5¢/mile): Access to Andrew’s travelog detailing the trip, an invitation to vote on what costume Andrew wears (a link to vote on the costume will be sent via email), listing in the
    MainStage playbill


  • $50.00 (11¢/mile): Show off your Little Lake pride with one of our new T-shirts!

  • $75.00 (17¢/mile): Put your name on my bike helmet! Your listing will travel all 435 miles with me on this epic journey.

  • $100.00 (23¢/mile): Have a dessert on us at one of our performances of Electra; a sweet deal!

  • $200.00 (46¢/mile): A special shout-out on the travelog or video post, thanking you for your support, and have your listing featured in an in-theater display after the trip.

  • $435.00 ($1/mile): Tickets for 2 to one of our performances of Electra from June 27 – July 13, to see Andrew wearing the winning
    costume...because we’ll have hit our overall $14,000 goal!


  • $650.00 ($1.50/mile): An opportunity to view a private dress rehearsal during the 2019 season, including wine & cheese and a behind the scenes chat with Andrew about the trip.

Trip FAQ

435 miles in 6 days-that's a lot. Have you done this before?


Yes, I have! In 2017, during Cycling for Shakespeare I, I rode 332 miles in 5 days from Pittsburgh to Washington DC. Last year during Cycling for Shakespeare II I rode 432 miles in 5 days across the state of Virginia.


You're already at 435 miles...why not just go for 500?

So many people asked me this question last year that I've accepted your challenge. When we hit the $14,000 goal, I'll go for 500 miles. But I need your help to get there by making your gift to the campaign and making me ride more!

Where are you going?

This year's ride takes me across the state of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. I'll be doing what are called "out and back" rides, where I drive to one end of the trail, ride to the opposite end, and then turn around and head back to my car. Some days that means staying overnight along the trail; other days, that means driving to the next trail to be ready for the following day. Out and backs are enjoyable, as you get to see the same sights and terrain twice, but from two different perspectives. Plus, if you miss something, you can see it on the way back!

A list of this year's trails is below (click on the title to see a trail profile)


 Pine Creek Rail Trail (124 miles, June 17 - 18)

Delaware & Raritan Canal State Park (145 miles, June 19 - 20)
Ghost Town Trail (66 miles, June 21)
Armstrong Trail & Redbank Valley Trail (100 miles, June 22)


BONUS RIDE: TBD (to hit 500 miles, June 23)

Why these trails?

I chose this year's trails with a few criteria in mind:

-My overall mileage goal for Cycling for Shakespeare III was 430-450 miles, and the round-trip mileage for these 5 was a great fit while still being relatively close to home; driving several hours after riding 5-7 hours on a bike is tough!

-These trails have been on my cycling bucket list for a couple of years, and they're close enough that I could design a trip incorporating all of them.

-The Armstrong & Redbank Valley day on June 22 is actually an organized event billed as the Summer Solstice Century Ride (say that five times fast) managed by Workhorse Outfitters; you can read more about the event here. The best part about that day? I get a burger and a beer at the finish line.

Wait a're going to ride over 100 miles in a day? 


Yes, you read that right-100 miles in a day. I've actually done four Century rides (100 miles or more) over the past two summers, including two on Cycling for Shakespeare II. Century rides are personal tests of endurance and courage; it's not the mileage that gets you, it's the mental game of pushing through the fatigue and making sure you eat/drink enough to stay alert. Doing an organized Century ride should be a fun experience and maybe even lead to some donations on the trail from fellow riders-you never know!

Who's going with you?


Just me, myself, and I.  But, you can follow along with me by donating $30 and getting access to my travelog, or donate $75 and write your name on my helmet (and the travelog)! 

What's a travelog?

My travelog will detail all of the wonderful places, people, sights, sounds, and stories from this epic trip! Last year I took over 300 pictures and over 20 videos as I rode from Pittsburgh to Washington DC. Donate $30 or more and follow my travelog! Plus, you can make sure I'm safe and sound after a long day of riding.

How can I get involved?

Easy-click the button above to make your gift today!

Cycling for Shakespeare Corporate Partners
(contact Andrew at for
more information on joining the campaign) 

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