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2022 Children's Audition Materials


(Choose 2 of the following and make a recording of you performing the two you choose. They do not need to be memorized but you should know them well.  Make big character choices for each of your short monologues. Be creative and have fun!)


A: That speck is as small as the head of a pin. A person on that? Why there never has been! You’re the biggest blame fool in the jungle of Nool, and I don’t care who I tell. Maybe I’m nasty, maybe I’m cruel, but you’re the biggest blame fool in the jungle of Nool.


B: I’m the Mayor of Who. Why, I’ve just been elected. And upright behavior is thus forth expected. We’ve just had a talk with your teachers today and they didn’t have one single good thing to say! Your Thinks were so wild they disrupted your classes and made Mrs. Mackel-Who drop her new glasses. Which is why you’re suspended! Yes, that’s what they said! Young man, what in Who has got into your head?


C: I’ve been guarding this clover for over a week, getting laughed at for thinking a dust speck could speak. Well, let them all laugh. I’ll try not to mind, for I have found something that they’ll never find. There are secrets on a leaf, in the water, in the air, hidden planets, tiny worlds, all invisible.


D: Well, it’s bigger than a bread box. Hey, it’s wider than a whale! Peanut butter breath and scared to death from head to tail! So, you’re still talking to dust. Oh, that’s hot! A dust speck that’s full of Who’s who are not! There aren’t any Whos. Why, I don’t hear a sound! Come on! We got to monkey around!


E: It’s taken all my courage to approach you, not to mention all my stamina to follow you across the hills and deserts. But I feel as if I’m ready to confess to you the feelings that I’ve hidden with great diligence and labor… behind the façade of your odd little next-door neighbor. Notice me, Horton, feather by feather. This is your next-door neighbor calling. Notice me, Horton. Horton, together we could be great. Notice me, Horton, the way I notice you.


F: I’m bored and I’m cranky and tired, sitting day after day. Who knew so much work was required? I’d much rather play! I need a vacation! I’m due for some rest- Hey, Horton, would you maybe like to sit on my nest? I won’t be gone long kid. I give you my word. I’ll hurry right back, because I’m that sort of bird! Oh, Horton, I promise! I’ll fly back real soon. I’d only be gone for, say, one afternoon!




You can show us a dance routine of your choice


Act out this movement monologue (no speaking please):


You are sitting in a big field looking at the shapes in the clouds.

You hear a small voice coming from somewhere nearby, but you don’t see anyone

You search for the voice.

You realize it is coming from a small clover near where you were sitting. Strange, you have never heard voices coming from a clover before.

You pick up the clover and discover there is a tiny village living on it.

You realize they need your help, so you try to figure out a way to help these tiny people.

Just then, an eagle grabs the clover and flies away with it.

You try to snatch back the clover but it is too far away for you to reach.

 The eagle drops the clover into a big field with many other clover plants.

You search the entire field for that one clover and manage to find it.

Now…, you make up the rest of the story- show us how your story will end. Is the clover safe? Are you able to help them? Does the Eagle come back? It is all up to you and your creative ideas.

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