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Little Lake Theatre’s Hearing Loop

Little Lake Theatre is proud to be one of the first theaters in western Pennsylvania to offer a hearing loop to our patrons. A hearing loop allow patrons with T-Coil (telecoil) equipped hearing aids or cochlear implants to listen to our performances directly via their devices; no external headset is necessary! You may notice the flat wires taped on the stage platforms-that’s
the hearing loop (don’t worry, the wires do not carry a current).


To use the hearing loop, switch on your T-Coil on your hearing aid or cochlear implant as you enter the theater; your device should sync up automatically to our audio system. If your T-Coil is not activated or your device does not have a T-Coil, a limited number of external headsets are available for loan free of charge; see the Box Office for a headset. If you're not sure if your device has a T-Coil, give your audiologist a call and ask,
and make sure to tell them Little Lake now has a hearing loop

to help us spread the news!


Since the hearing loop is a new addition to the theater, we value your feedback; send us an email at with your thoughts. Help us spread the word-we’re really excited to bring this technology to Washington County. Thank you to the Washington County Tourism Promotion Agency for helping to make this project possible via support from the agency’s Tourism Grant Program.

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