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Behind the Scenes Team


Volunteer hours: Between 120  + a season

Little Lake is glad to welcome you and have you join us working  behind the scenes. 

You are such an important part of the nuts and bolts of making our productions work for the directors, the actors and the audience. Thank you for committing your time and talents in making the magic happen. 


  • Assist with rehearsals (be on book, manage props/ prop lists, take down blocking)

  • work as stage crew or costume crew for our productions

  • assist with set strike and show changeovers



  • Gain first hand experience in a rehearsal process while working with some of our area's best actors and directors

  • Workshops for apprentices in acting, technical theatre and marketing/the business of theatre

  • Participate in the apprentice showcase performance

  • Apprentice parties and social events

  • Earn volunteer hours

  •  Apprentices will also receive a free ticket to each production, pending seating availability.



  • Apprentices commit to serving on crews each season.

  • Attend at least 12 of the pre-tech week rehearsals in addition to all of tech week and all of the performances for that specific production.

  • Apprentices will also attend strikes.

  • Apprentices will be assigned to strike shifts at the beginning of the season.

  • All apprentices are also required to attend our end of year event on December 18 from 2- 7pm.


Make up policy: These productions depend on our crew apprentices to run smoothly. Attendance is mandatory.

  • Any absence must be cleared with the artistic director at least 5 hours in advance of the start of the shift.

  • If an absence is excused (illness, death in the family,...), Apprentices may make up those hours by attending ushering shifts as determined by the artistic director.

  • To make up a strike shift, Apprentices must swap a strike commitment with another crew apprentice, so that shift is covered.

  • Apprentices will not be able to participate in workshops or social events until all make up shifts have been completed.

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