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A Seat By Any Other Name

As Little Lake celebrates its 70th Anniversary in 2018, we want to share a new way that you can support the company that we all hold so dear.

The Board of Directors recently decided to create a Capital Projects Endowment using "rainy day" funds to support future renovation and enhancement projects for Little Lake's theatre buildings. Our new front row seats give you the opportunity to invest in the future of our buildings by naming one of the 30 seats  through our A Seat By Any Other Name campaign. Each seat costs $250.


A commemorative plaque will be installed on the seat with your custom inscription, allowing you to commemorate your time at the Lake, honor a family member or friend, or even your favorite Little Lake actor or artist.

To make your gift, call 724.745.6300 or click the link below. If ordering online, please use the Special Instructions box at the end of the online form to give us your inscription listing (3 lines, up to 16 characters including spaces). Please review the FAQ page below if you have questions, or send an email to Patti Knapp, Managing Director, at

A Seat By Any Other Name FAQ

Is my contribution tax-deductible?
Your contribution is tax-deductible to the fullest extent of applicable federal or state laws. Please consult a tax attorney with any specific questions regarding tax-deductibility.

Where will the plaques be placed?
Your seating plaque will be placed on the armrest of the seat you choose; if multiple patrons choose the same seat, the first order will take precedent.

How long can my inscription be?
The plaques measure about 1 inch by 2.5 inches, so being economical with your words is key (unlike many playwrights!). Each plaque can accommodate up to 3 lines of text with up to 16 characters (including spaces) per line. An example would be: 
Patti Knapp
In honor of
Will Disney

Can I name more than one seat?
Sure! Seats will be available until all are sold.

If I name a seat, do I get to sit in it at every performance I attend?
While we appreciate your support in naming a seat, our ticketing policies for subscribers and single-ticket buyers will remain in place, with subscribers getting first access to seats. Seat plaques sold through the A Seat By Any Other Name campaign are not seat licenses and do not guarantee access.

How long will my seat be named?
Your seat plaque will remain on your seat for as long as we have the chairs. In the case of our last front row seats, that could be over 40 years!

Can I pay for my seat in installments?
Yes! We are happy to work out an installment plan with you; contact Patti Knapp, Managing Director at or 724.745.6300 to set up a payment schedule.


I sit at a table when I come to the Lake; why should I name a front row seat if I don't sit in the front row?
Even if you don't sit in the front row, purchasing a seat plaque lets you make a permanent mark at the theatre we all love and inspires others to do the same.

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