The Crucible

By Arthur Miller

NOVEMBER 2-4, 9-11 & 16-18

Salem, Massachusetts is ablaze with accusations of witchcraft after a group of young girls are found dancing in the woods. The line between reality and fable blurs as long-held grudges and humiliating secrets are put on trial in order to root out the evil plaguing the town. Revenge replaces reason and soon no one is safe. Still astoundingly relevant today, this exciting drama is both a gripping historical play and a timely parable of our contemporary society.

Directed by Jena Oberg

Choreographed by Melissa Tyler

The Cast: Josh Antoon, Warren Ashburn, Elizabeth Bennett, Ina Block, Dylan Blussick, Bracken Burns, Amanda DeConciliis- Weber, Heather Dressel, Isabella Englesberg, Sophia Englesberg, Moriah Hathaway, Jeff Johnson, Eric Leslie, Joe Macerelli, Martha McElligott, Pam Pasternak, Kayleigh Peternel, Jared Pfennigwerth, Kathleen Regan, John Reilly, Fatu Sheriff, Jennifer Sinatra, Lindy Spear, Stephen Toth, and Terry Westwood

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