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August 26 - October 28

Wednesdays from 9:30 am - 11:30 am

Showcase date- TBA


At Little Lake, we often hear patrons say "I always wanted to play that role, but now I am too old," or "I always thought acting looked like fun but I never got the chance to try it." 


We are here to tell you...


"It is never too late and you are never too old to do what you love."


The Young at Heart Club is an acting class designed specifically for participants who are age 55+ and have always wanted to give acting a try or return to the stage after years away. This class is all about fun and expression. Participants will play theatre games and work on scenes or monologues, playing the roles they were always hoping to play, but never got the chance. The emphasis of the class is on creating new experiences and encouraging the creative process. 


All abilities and experiences levels are encourage to participate. 


$150/ participant





To enroll by phone/ questions: conatct or 724.745.6300

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