Wonder of the World

By David Lindsay-Abaire

July 20-22, 27-30, & August 3-5

After discovering a dirty little secret in her husband’s sweater drawer, Cass sets off to Niagara Falls, bucket list in hand, in search of the life she thinks she missed. While on this hilarious journey of self-discovery, she teams up with some unlikely sidekicks: A comically suicidal alcoholic headed to the falls with a barrel, a hunky tour boat captain, a therapist dressed like a clown, and a bickering pair of undercover detectives who are investigating a caper involving a large jar of peanut butter. It is a wild ride over Niagara Falls in a barrel full of laughs. “David Lindsay-Abaire’s WONDER OF THE WORLD is exceedingly whimsical and playfully wicked.”—NY Times.


Directed by Jena Oberg. Featuring: Elizabeth Glyptis, Leah Hillgrove, David Hoffman, Arjun Kumar, Renee Ruzzi-Kern, Marianne Shaffer, and Jacob Wadsworth

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