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Adapted by Greg Leaming from the play by Georges Feydeau

May 10 - 12
May 17 - 20

May 24 - 26

Thurs., Fri., & Sat. @ 8 pm | Sun. @ 2 pm

Laura Chandler believes that her husband Victor is having an affair with another woman, and tricks him into meeting her at a local “love” motel to catch him in the act. In doing so, she involves a huge range of characters, including a Tom Jones wannabe, a lascivious doctor, the owner of the Pussycat Motel, a very jealous Spanish nobleman and his wife, and a drunken porter named Potts, who happens to be Victor Chandler’s doppelganger. Hilarity ensues in this all out laugh riot farce set in the 1960’s. 

*Recommended age: 15+

Warren Ashburn

as Dr Finache

Colin Burns

as Edward

Andy Coleman

as Stephens

Dewayne Curry

as Klaus

Briana Downs

as Maria Homenides de Histangua

Carina Iannarelli

as Antoinette

Erika Krenn

as Eugenia

Eric Leslie

as Victor Chandler/ Potts

Andy Pivarnik

as Ferrallion

Johnna A. Pro

as Olympia

Raine Rivera

as Laura Chandler

Ned Salopek

as Andrew Tournel

Johnny Traficante

as Homenides de Histangua

Norm Wash

as Bernard

Jonathan Wilson


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