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May 31 - June 2
June 7 - 10

June 14 - 16

Thurs., Fri., & Sat. @ 8 pm | Sun. @ 2 pm

Arcadia is a tale of secrecy and intrigue that’s been hailed by critics as a masterpiece. Set in both 1809 and the present day, it’s a mystery wrapped up in a love story, wrapped up in a scandal. In its unraveling, Tom Stoppard playfully zigs and zags through many realms, including mathematics, poetry, sex and gardening.

“Pure entertainment for the heart, mind, soul…The best Broadway play for many, many a season. It is a work shot through with fun,

passion and, yes, genius.” – The New York Post

“Stoppard’s richest, most ravishing comedy to date, a play of wit, intellect, language, brio and…emotion. It’s like a dream of levitation: you’re instantaneously aloft, soaring, banking, doing loop the loops… The playwright is a daredevil pilot who’s steady at the controls.” – The New York Times

*Recommended age: 13+, contains adult language