Board of Directors

A Fond Farewell


Behind all of the performances at Little Lake Theatre and other nonprofit arts organizations, there are people who take on the very real work of making it all possible. We call them board members. With the new year, Little Lake is saying goodbye to three talented and valued board members as their terms expire. Kathy DeBlassio our Board President, Susan Rosati our Vice President, and Steve Dowd our Treasurer. Little Lake could not exist today without the dedication and service of its volunteer board members.


With great gratitude, we thank Kathy, Susan, and Steve for their immense contributions to the success of Little Lake. They are everyday heroes who make things possible.

Melissa Struzzi, President

Eric Leslie, Vice President

Nate Holmes, Treasurer

Erika McElligott, Secretary


Kevin Gallagher

Steve McCarron

Becky Rickard

Jennifer Sinatra


Members Emeritii

Tracy Decock

Sunny Disney Fitchett

Playwright and former Artistic Director, Little Lake Theatre Company

Jennifer Kopach


Wally Schrage and Jerry B. Fulmer - In Memoriam