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Conflict of Interest Agreement

Example of the Agreement Signed by our Board

As a member of Little Lake Theatre Company’s (“LLT”) Board of Directors, I will act in the best interests of the organization. 

I will excuse myself from discussions and votes where I have a relationship that might affect my fair and independent judgment on behalf of LLT. I agree to avoid any outside activities that may adversely affect my independent and objective judgment, discredit LLT in any way, or conflict or appear to conflict with LLT’s interests.

I agree to abide by the applicable LLT policies, except those that are superseded by or conflict with this Agreement.

I will obtain a child abuse clearance and other necessary clearances that may be required. I will participate in any training required by the Board or by my volunteer duties at LLT.

I will participate in Board education activities and ask questions and request information if I need it.

I will stay informed about what’s going on in the LLT community and in the local theatre/ entertainment area.

I will seek to understand how to best manage our risks, and take responsibility for making decisions on issues, policies and other Board matters.

I understand that as a member of the Little Lake Board of Directors, I will be privy to many confidential matters including personnel, financial and strategic plans. I will respect and maintain the confidentiality of these subject matters and will only disclose such confidential information where it is necessary to accomplish the mission and day-to-day business of LLT.